Photo & Video

Work on your film!
Photos are due by the end of Today, or before school tomorrow morning at the absolute latest.

Graphic Design 1

Dream Collage. Due at the end of Today!

Graphic Design 2

Intro to indesign.

Today, add all the text into the different pages. Read this resource to learn about creating columns. (Or find your own resource). Use your paragraph styles to format your text.

If you’re done you can try to figure out how to add page numbers. (Do this on your master template)

I’ll go over pictures and other things with you tomorrow.

Graphic Design 3/4

Find yourself a new design project to finish off your portfolio. There are some ideas here, here, and here. Or find/create your own project.

This project should be a chance for you to get creative and should be different than other work you already have in your portfolio.



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